City Tales

At nineteen I moved from a Finnish town of 2,000 people to New York City to study. In many ways I still feel more at home in New York than I ever did in Finland: the energy, the diversity of ethnicities and lifestyles, the unexpected make every day feel like traveling. That’s why I stayed for more than twenty years. While NYC is special, so is every other city: they all have a specific spirit and identity, and they all provide a set for tales to take place.

Moscow: Familiar Yet Strange
Cultural Kumasi
Queer Windhoek
Taking Arabic Classes in Beirut
She Stares at Me – A Confrontation in Dakar
Magic in Johannesburg
Walking in Belgrade
Manila Side Street Bliss
Powerhouse Women of Kampala’s Literary Scene
A Brief Encounter in Tanga, Tanzania
High in Harar
In and Around Yazd With New Friends
Chilling in Zanzibar
A Tale of Two Mesopotamian Cities
The Sulfur Baths of Tbilisi, Georgia
Isfahan Equals Half the World